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Collective Creations connects performance artists to the world.
Collective Creations represents a portfolio of contemporary performances
and artists which have gained high artistic acclaim.
All of the productions are the finished works by professional artists which are ready to be re-staged
by any group, organisation or festival who feels touched by the pieces.
Collective Creations also promotes international networking opportunities for its artists.



Mr. W
Wasurat Leon Unaprom

Mr W (The Collector) is the former Artistic Director of Thong Lor Art Space (Bangkok 2015-2017) and the founder of The International Low Fat Art Fest in Bangkok, Thailand.
After graduating with an MA in Performance Design and Practice (2007, 2008) from Central Saint Martin’s College, London, Mr W returned to Thailand in 2009 and joined the production team at Democrazy Theatre Studio Bangkok for four years then moved to Thong Lor Art Space.
With more than ten years experience in the art scene, The Collector found his passion in multi-disciplinary performance and production.
The Collector has invited high quality and acclaimed artists and productions to be part of Collective Creations. It is with pride and passion that he presents his collection professionally to the world.





Contemporary Butoh Dance
a collaborative performance
by Yuko Kawamoto (Japan) and Teerawat Mulvilai (Thailand)

We can’t all be a modern Picasso, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give Summer Youth Programs a shot. All of our classes focus on the process, rather than the end result of art. Here, we consider that each piece of art created is an honest masterpiece. Call us today to find out more. Spaces are limited, so it’s best to act fast!



A collaboration performance featuring: Takayuki Takita (Japan), Yuko Kawamoto (Japan) and Teerawat Mulvilai (Thailand)

There’s a volcanic eruption. People in the house died. People are stoned
They’re freezing. Crabs are finding new houses. They’re playing games.
They are muted or maybe they don’t have mouth. Someone died in the house.
Everybody’s depressed. Someone died, they are quiet. Many people died, they’re talking.


Quiet House

"House has no sound"

"Because nobody’s home"

"Because they’re sleeping"

"Because they left home"

"because outside is louder"

"Because they’re too polite"

"Because they keep low voice"

"Someone died, they are quiet. Many people died, they’re talking."

"Because they’re playing games"

"What comes in to your mind when everything falls silent?"


Dancer, Choreographer, Art Director (Japan)

Yuko KAWAMOTO is the director / choreographer for "Shinonome Butoh" based in Tokyo, Japan. She has studied and performed with Tatsumi Hijikata. Her expression has been described as “energetic” and “powerful”. She works as a special university lecturer and performs at festivals in Japan and internationally. She is active positively worldwide.


Teerawat ‘Ka-ge’ Mulvilai
Co- founder, Artistic director of
physical theatre group; B-Floor

He is known as a versatile physical actor and veteran director whose his works focus on political and violent issues using high visually image but thought provoking. Mulvilai believes that art is a medium to create conversation that lead to social changes. In 2011, Teerawat got Pitisilpa Santidhrama Award,given for people who work in a field of art and culture that are significant associated with peace,democracy and fairness. The award had been established on occasion of 65 years of Thai peace day in 16 August 2011. He is hailed as one of the most critically and socially conscious director of our time.





La Maladie De L'amor : Detoxification of a Heart

The multidisciplinary performance is inspired from the short script “The Malady of Death” of Maguerite Duras.
“It’s a story about a man who hires a woman to stay with him so that he can learn about love.”
The intoxicating element, rather, is provided by the neutral, unidentified and half-asleep narrator’s voice. Marguerite Duras’s original text is selected by the memory of the actor by writing the French text on the mirror and projection to visualizing another side of the story to homosexuality world.



“LA MALADIE DE L'AMOR : Detoxification of a Heart”

is a directed by the art space artistic Leon Unaprom whose artistic background from is based on theatre design. Built around their love and interest for Marguerite Duras, the project is portrayed by artist, actor and literature professor, Banthun Ratmanee. The performance was selected to present in the Scenofest, World Stage Design Festival 2017 in Taipei and the International Conference: Marguerite Duras and Arts 2016, Organised in partnership with Société Internationale Marguerite Duras (International Society Marguerite Duras) by Dr. Michelle Royer, in Sydney, Australia.

Director & Scenographer: WASURAT UNAPROM
Actor & Script Writer: BANTHUN RATMANEE
Assistant Directer & Stage Manager: PORNTEP PETCHSUMRIT



Scenofest, World Stage Design Festival 2017
Taipei Taiwan




HIPSTER THE KING is a contemporary dance performance by Thanapol Virulhakul, who was named Best Director by the International Association of Theatre Critics–Thailand Centre in year 2013 and 2014. Produced by Democrazy Theatre Studio, HIPSTER THE KING focuses on human perception that creates an image of a person who might or might not be existing in a history which might or might not be real— a hipster leader, as it is inspired by hipster culture.
HIPSTER THE KING is an interactive show. The audience is expected to enact with the performers. There is a multimedia aspect to the performance.
Premiered at Democrazy Studio, Bangkok in 2014. Won Best Movement-based Performance, Best Original Script and Best Direction by the International Association of Theatre Critics–Thailand Centre in 2015.
Recently Hipster the King was performed at OFFENE WELT Internationales Festival, Lugwigshafen, Germany, STORE HOUSE Collection, Ueno, Japan, and Festival Theaterformen in Braunschweig, Germany in 2016.



Thanapol Virulhakul

Thanapol Virulhakul began to pursue his passion for dance and performing arts by studying dance extensively after graduated from Thammasat university in Film and Photography. With his great curiosity about the concept and function of dance as a movement deeply related to human perception to themselves and the world, Thanapol has continually created subversive and disturbing dance performances to investigate his interests and questions.
Thanapol has been recognised as a professional dancer and director both locally and internationally. Early of his career, he was selected as a representative artist from Thailand to participate in Korean-Asean fellowship program in Soul in 2005 and Modern Dance program organized by The John F. Kennedy Center of Performing Art in New York, USA in 2010. His conceptual dance performance, TRANSACTION (2013) dealing with economic system, won the best direction performance award. In 2014, Hipster The King, a contemporary dance performance won 3 awards from IACT (International Association of Critics Thailand) and had its international premiere at the "Offene Welt" festival in Ludwigshafen, Germany. In 2015, Girl X is a collaborative project between by Thanapol Virulhakul (Thailand) and Suguru Yamamoto (Japan), and the performance was successfully shown in both countries. Afterwards, Thanapol was directing the Thai- German collaborative dance project Happy Hunting Ground (2016), co-production of Badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe Germany, Democrazy Theatre Thailand, and Goethe Institute, Munich and Bangkok.
Thanapol has been working on his choreographic research project, THE RETREAT,a studio-based research and workshop takes a crucial role to construct a solid work of the project. The Retreat: a dance performance premiered in August 2018 at Bangkok Art and Culture Center is a selected compilation from the project.



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